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Join Challenge 24 and fund an hour of cancer research


Get fit. Challenge yourself. Fund lifesaving research.

Just one more hour can mean the world of difference when we’re working hard to find the answers to cancer. 24 hours a day somewhere in the world Worldwide Cancer Research scientists are working hard to beat cancer. £24 will fund one hour of cancer-fighting research, an hour that could lead to a breakthrough that will one day save a life.

And that’s why we’d like you to start by joining us in the fight to beat it.

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How Challenge 24 works

All we ask is that you get out there and run, cycle or swim 24 miles (39 kilometres) and donate for every mile travelled. But you don’t have to work yourself into a sweat for research. If you’d prefer, give something up. Instead of having that latte, double chocolate muffin or fizzy drink, say no and pledge what you save to Worldwide Cancer Research. You decide what to give up; just do it 24 times to complete Challenge 24 and donate an hour. It might not make you fit but it will make you feel good. Whether you’re donating £24, €28, $30 or A$39 at the end of your challenge, you’re funding an hour of research and that’s powerful.

It’s a simple idea that will help you and your colleagues get and stay fit, and it will help us fund the research that is so important to fighting this disease. It’s not a big ask. It’s an essential one.

Get everybody involved

The more people who get involved the more money you can raise and the bigger the difference you can make for our scientists. You can form teams and create internal competitions to spur one another on. You can keep a record of times and fitness levels to see how you’re all getting fitter and healthier.

There are so many ways that you can make this work for you and us.

And if you are up for the challenge, you can even use your fundraising page to start tracking impact on employee health and wellbeing.

Every hour of funding counts.

For top tips to kick off your Challenge 24 and for more information about the difference you can make please email: or call 0300 777 7910