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Updated July 2014

  1. Worldwide Cancer Research provides funding for basic and translational research into the causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment or prevention of cancer.
  2. Worldwide Cancer Research does not fund clinical research or other types of applied cancer research such as psychosocial, public health, policy, health economics or healthcare delivery research.  This list is not exhaustive.
  3. Cancer researchers working in recognised research institutions anywhere in the world can apply for a grant. Collaboration is encouraged between research groups in different institutions and different countries.
  4. Worldwide Cancer Research does not give any particular area of basic or translational cancer research greater priority, but awards funds on the basis of scientific quality alone. Where scientific quality is equal, preference is shown towards
    1. applications from younger researchers establishing themselves as principal investigators; and
    2. innovative research.
  5. Worldwide Cancer Research funds research through 1-3 year project grants that cover the direct costs of conducting the research.  Grants do not cover any indirect, infrastructure or overhead costs, which must be met by the research institution. The 6 year fellowship scheme is not currently available.
  6. Worldwide Cancer Research project grants are awarded only through a competitive grant round in which scientific quality is assessed by rigorous, independent, expert peer review.
  7. Worldwide Cancer Research only supports research conducted at academic, non-commercial institutions and for purposes which are primarily for patient benefit, not commercial profit.  However, the charity reserves the right to share in any intellectual property rights or commercial revenue that may result from research funded by the charity.
A more detailed description of the Worldwide Cancer Research funding remit, grant assessment processes and grant terms and conditions can be found in the grant application handbook.